In partnership with our clients, we specialise in SME to provide a holistic full service HR experience.

Our approach is to partner with businesses to improve performance.

We are agile and work inline with your business needs.


Complete HR is all about the journey.

We take the time to understand a business’s workplace culture and environment.

Finding out what has worked in the past, what needs to change and what Complete HR can do about it.

We kick off every relationship and create a clear road map of your business goals.

We define and customise your HR needs to complete a full Complete HR experience.


Strategy Consulting

Values Activation
Wellness Activation
Organisation Redesign
Employment Brand
Workforce Planning


Learning Management & Training
Performance Management Systems and 360 Reviews
Policies and Procedures
Redundancies and Offboarding
Employment Documentation
Award Interpretation and Advice

Talent Management

Psychometric Assessment
Wellness Initiatives
Cultural Assessments
Engagement Surveys & Activation

Project Based

Holistic HR Culture Review

Culture Pack

Retention Strategies

Middle Management upskilling and coaching


We understand that time is of the essence, as a business owner you need advice then and there.

We’re committed to providing tailored solutions to your problems and guarantee a response within 24 hours.


Engaging with us is easy.

We tailor the project to suit your needs – whether it is an ongoing relationship, specific project or adhoc work.


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